Tony Parish, CFA®, CQFChief Investment Officer

Tony Parish, CFA®, CQF

Chief Investment Officer

(Alphastar Capital Management)

Tony joined Alphastar as Chief Investment Officer in April 2019, acting as Chair of the Investment Committee and overseeing and guiding Alphastar’s investment policies, money manager partnerships, and portfolio model offerings.

Tony brings a wealth of experience to the Alphastar team, most recently having worked with Sage Advisory Services in Austin, TX as the Director of Quantitative Strategies; helping manage multiple objective-based investment strategies and serving on the firm’s Investment Committee, providing input on ~$12.5 billion of AUM. Previously, Tony worked in product development and analytics with Deutsche Asset Management, Credit Suisse, and Oppenheimer Funds in New York City. He is passionate about working on financial data science projects (yes, really), and he specializes in quantitative modeling of multi-asset portfolios. Before moving to portfolio management, Tony began his career as a financial journalist, leading an editorial team for Investor Relations Magazine.