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Grounded on America's Main Street, where a firm handshake and trust still mean something, we're driven by the firm conviction that every individual matters. We believe everyone is worthy of respect. We encourage everyone to live their best life. We offer everyone the guidance necessary to reach their goals. Each individual deserves to know and understand the fundamentals of their financial situation and how it plays into building a better and happier future.  

Value of Working With A Fiduciary<br/>

Value of Working With A Fiduciary

Forming a quality relationship with a financial professional revolves around trust. It's much easier to build that trust when your advisor is acting as a fiduciary at all times. Transparency is at the core of being a fiduciary. Being a fiduciary implies that the financial professional must act in the best interest of the retail customer at the time a recommendation (involving investment products, strategies, or account changes) is made without placing the interests of the firm ahead of the customer.

Financial professionals must exercise "reasonable diligence, care, and skill" in making recommendations. Further, any compensation structure shouldn't be driven by investment recommendations.

A fiduciary will identify, disclose, or eliminate all conflicts and incentives related to recommendations that place the firm's interests ahead of the customer and eliminate sales contests, quotas, bonuses, etc., that are based on a specific product or time period.

A Customer Relationship Summary will be supplied to every client and discloses 1) relationships and services, 2) fees, costs, conflicts, and standard of conduct, 3) disciplinary history, and 4) additional information such as services offered and contact info.

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